Tailoring Classes

Tailoring Classes

We conduct regular courses in Stitching classes in Pune or Tailoring Classes in Pune

We are offering best stitching course, sewing courses and learn advanced techniques on blouse, salwar courses. To get advanced techniques on blouse, salwar kameez, churidar, kurta, skirt, top, shirt, pants stitchin. Our Comprehensive Embroidery courses combined with the Pattern making & tailoring courses. Course helps you to enhance your knowledge, approach and creations in fashion design.
Devee’s Collection is a unique class of its kind dedicated to the art ladies Fashion.

What do we teach?

We offer comprehensive regular and correspondence courses. We teach stitch ladies dress and nauvari saree stitching in pune. We offer Dress making courses through which students can master pattern making and tailoring of dresses. This course also enables one to effectively apply the techniques of embroidery on various dresses.

Short Term tailoring classes in Pune

Short term course is about learning to stitch a single garment like Saree blouse, Salwar Kameez, Skirt & Top etc. In this course, the student learns about measurements of a specific garment and the way to measure a person for the same. Guidance on Instructions and calculations for drafting. Drafting of the pattern on the paper and then on fabric and the method to cut. Stitch the fabric without lining and with lining would be taught.

Rs. 1,500

1 week 2 hrs per Class.

Basic Stitching Classes in Pune

Learn various design patterns to make garments. Here all the necessary and important dresses for everyday use is taught. Pursuing this course will enable a person to understand the different aspects of pattern making and tailoring in a shorter time frame.

Rs. 6000

Two months 2 hrs per Class

Diploma course in Fashion dress designing & Tailoring

The patterns cater to both standard measurements & personal . By learning different types of patterns, a student would be able to stylishly design her own dress according to the latest trends. This course is useful for persons who wish to start their own business such as establishing a tailoring unit or a Boutique as well as for Professional garment design opportunities in the Industry.


Rs. 35,000/-

Six months 5 hrs per Day.